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Determining what is "green" isn't always easy – and that goes for green flooring too. To get an idea of the whole notion of "green" (or "eco–friendly") it's worth stepping back and taking a look at the big picture: our global natural environment or ecosystem. By starting broadly, one can begin to get a handle on factors and consequences – and just what "green" really means in our everyday lives.


Globe or Earth image representing our ecosystem

The manufacture of certain floors and flooring products has a direct effect on many of the ecosystems on which we depend for resources (i.e. forests; oceans). These ecosystems are fragile and any form of industry – in fact most human activity – will have an impact on them. Learn how you can help preserve these natural ecosystems by making more eco–conscious flooring choices.

Carbon Footprint

Illustration depicting carbon footprint

A carbon footprint measures an entity's daily greenhouse gas output in units of carbon dioxide (CO2). In terms of flooring, a carbon footprint assesses the amount of greenhouse gasses that are emitted during harvesting, manufacture, transport to the final destination, and installation. Floors with a smaller carbon footprint are considered to be more environmentally friendly.

Global Warming

Illustration representing Global Warming

The emission of greenhouse gasses into the air adds to global warming. Consequences of an increase in Earth's average temperature include decline in agriculture production, the death of mass species and glacier retreat. You can help with global warming on a small level by choosing flooring and floor products that's free from VOCs* and other pollutants.

Green Building

Illustration representing a Green Home or Green Building

Green flooring is a big part of the green building process, as it's usually the largest surface in a home. Green building also accounts for overall construction of the building, waste and materials used. Truly green building designs generally consist of products made from resources that are renewable, sustainable and/or made locally.

Use this section to learn more about the process of installing, making and transporting flooring in relation to the natural world. Choosing eco–friendly products and green building is not just a great way to help preserve the planet's natural resources, it can also help you save on energy bills and floor repairs. Join™ as we explore the different elements that make certain floor products green.

*VOCs or volatile organic compounds are carbon–based chemical compounds that vaporize under pressure. Exposure to VOCs can result in allergy–like symptoms, asthma irritations and even increased cancer risk.