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Green Carpet FAQs Character presenting FAQs

Looking for eco–friendly carpet? Want to know if the carpet you are buying is considered green? Below is a list of frequently asked green carpet questions to assist you in your flooring search. Have additional questions about green carpet but can't find them here? At the top of each page is our Live Chat feature that invites you to talk to® carpet professionals.

Q – Why should I buy green carpet?
A –
You should buy green carpet for three main reasons – To protect yourself and your family, to preserve our earth and to plan for the health of future generations. Unlike some other types of carpet, green carpet promotes a healthy indoor air quality. Green carpet is also made from sustainable resources or recycled content as opposed to non–renewable, petroleum based materials that are common in most carpet.

Q – How does carpet's lifecycle affect the planet earth?
A –
Carpet's lifecycle affects our planet in many ways. First, one must consider the materials and energy needed to manufacture carpet. Once carpet is produced, it must be shipped to the retailer and then finally the consumer, all of which adds to energy consumption and can increase greenhouse gas emissions. At the end of its useful life, carpet is often disposed of in a landfill where it will decompose in most cases. It is estimated that approximately 6 billion pounds of carpet is disposed of annually. For more on this, visit FindAnyFloor's section on Carpet and Recycling.

Q – Will green carpet cost more than other carpet?
A –
In some cases yes, and in others no. For the slight different in cost that you may occur, the benefits of a healthy indoor air quality and knowing that you are doing your part in protecting our planet is well worth the price.

Q – What is the Green Label or Green Label Plus?
A –
The Green Label or Green Label Plus was developed by the Carpet and Rug Institute in corroboration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The Green Label, which you will see posted on carpet, padding, and other carpet materials signals that the product has been tested and proven to emit very low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). For more info on this, visit FindAnyFloor's section on the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Q – What type of materials is green carpet made from?
A –
This question does not have a simple answer as carpet is usually made of three layers – the face fibers, the base that the fibers are attached to, and the carpet backing, all of which can be made with different materials. Common materials in green carpet include P.E.T. recycled polyester, recycled content nylon, and renewable resources such as sugar from corn based carpet fibers. For more on carpet is eco–friendly face fiber, visit FindAnyFloor's section on Green Carpet Fibers.

Q – What should I look for when buying green carpet padding?
A –
Like green carpet, carpet padding can also be made from recycled content or sustainable resources. Green carpet padding is commonly made from jute, wool, rubber, or recycled carpet materials. As with carpet, look for the CRI's Green Label to identify low VOC emitting carpet padding.

Q – How do I know if my old carpet is recyclable?
A –
The carpet recycling process can be a bit tricky as carpet consists of 3 separate layers: base, surface fibers and the backing. All three layers require the use of bonding agents, adhesives and treatments that could contain toxic agents. In some cases, only one of the carpet layers will qualify for recycling while the others must be disposed of. Most types of nylon, polypropylene, and polyester carpets can be recycled and used for other purposes once they reach the end of their useful lives.

Q – Where can I find a carpet recycling center near me?
A –
More and more carpet recycling or reclamation centers are emerging nationwide. To locate the closest one to you, visit the interactive map at or view their printable pdf.

Q – My carpet is being glued down – What should I look for when choosing green adhesives?
A –
Look for carpet that meets or exceeds E–1 emission standards (European standards for VOC content) or has the CRI's Green Label or Green Label Plus.

Q – How do I choose green carpet cleaning products?
A –
Major cleaning should be left to a professional but for spot treatments, choose cleaners that are non–toxic, made of renewable resources, and biodegradable. Always use manufacturer recommended products when possible. For more info on cleaning flooring using green products, visit FindAnyFloor's section on Green Flooring Care and Maintenance.

Q – Can you please give me some examples of carpet manufacturers that produce green carpet?
A –
Sure, here are some of the most common carpet manufactures that are producing some type of green carpeting: