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carpet – questions to consider

Use the following questions when shopping for green carpet to ensure that your carpet and its supporting materials are as green as they can be.

Buying Carpeting? Get the Facts Before You Purchase!

Questions to Ask Key Points to Look For
What is this carpet made of? Are these products sustainable resources or made of recycled content? Recycled content nylon, recycled P.E.T. polyester, and fibers made from renewable resources such as sugar from corn are the most common "green" fiber choices. Carpet can also have recycled content backing and padding.
Does this carpet promote a healthy indoor air quality? Look for products with the CRI Green Label or Green Label Plus. This can apply to the carpet, padding, adhesives, etc. This means that the product emits very low levels of VOCs.
How is this carpet constructed? Usually, the denser the fiber is packed, and the shorter it is, the better it will perform. For carpets that have twisted fibers, the tighter the twist, the better. A carpet label is required by law to list fiber content.
Where did this carpet originate? Were long shipping processes required that add to energy consumption? Carpet manufacturers are required by law to list the country of origin on their products.
What kind of carpet padding will be installed with this carpet? Some carpet padding is made from recycled content or natural, renewable materials. Choose low VOC padding that has the CRI Green Label.
What is the expected lifetime of this carpet? Tufted carpet lasts 5–7 years an average while woven carpet can last 20 plus years. Buying carpet with a longer lifetime decreases the amount of replacement carpet needed thus decreasing overall carpet disposal.
Is this carpet recyclable at the end of its life cycle and if so, will you recycle it for me? Carpet reclamation centers are located nationwide, although locations are limited. Some retailers go the extra step and recycle your old carpet for you.
Do your installers adhere to CRI's installation standards? Proper installation of carpet is crucial. When carpet needs to be replaced more often due to improper installation, its green status is diminished.
Can the carpeting be aired out before it's installed? The CRI recommends having carpets unrolled in a well–ventilated area for 48 to 72 hours before installation.
Will adhesives be used to install the carpet? If adhesives are required make sure its VOC emission levels are as low as possible. Look for adhesives that meet or exceed E–1 emission standards (European standards for VOC content).
Does the manufacturer offer green cleaning products? Choose products that are non–toxic, renewable, and biodegradable.

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