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Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC)

The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) is a non–profit organization dedicated to helping consumers and builders realize their potential for sustainable living. At present they serve as the Secretariat for the High–Performance Building Council. SBIC addresses key aspects of construction and design in terms of:

  1. Optimizing energy use
  2. Optimizing site potential
  3. Enhancing indoor air quality
  4. Optimizing operations and maintenance
  5. Using renewable energy sources and conserving water
  6. Using environmentally preferable products

What SBIC Has Done

In 1997, SBIC developed the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG), an integrated approach to sustainable living that considers optimized energy efficiency solutions. The main objective of the WBDG is to conserve resources such as water, raw materials and energy, while also preventing ecological degradation. SBIC, along with private sector companies, educational institutions and federal agencies, continues to develop WBDG to better serve the building community.

In 1999, SBIC helped the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the General Services Administration, the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense develop the sustainability principles for Executive Order 13123 . This order directed the Federal government to reduce emissions from government–operated buildings nationwide in an effort to alleviate global warming. It was unanimously decided that the Federal government should lead the Nation towards energy–efficient building and conservation.